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    2. Shijiazhuang Worldwide Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol and Furan Resin Co.,Ltd.
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      graphene 石墨烯



      Novel biological modified  graphene

      Has passed ISO9001-2008 quality standards and obtained national patent products

      Technical background

      On the manufacture and discovery of graphene, initially, scientists try to use the chemical stripping method (exfoliation method chemical) to manufacture graphene. They embed large atoms or large molecules into graphite, and get the graphite intercalation compounds. In its three dimensional structure, each layer of graphite can be considered as a single layer of graphene. Through the chemical reaction process, the removal of embedded atom or molecule, will get a lot of graphene mud. Because of the difficulty of analysis and control of the physical properties of this pile of mud, scientists did not continue to research in this area. Some scientists have used chemical vapor deposition method, the graphene film epitaxial growth (growth epitaxial) in a wide variety of substrates (substrate), but the initial quality is not good.

      In 2004, the University of Manchester and the Russian chernogolovka Microelectronics Science Institute (Institute for microelectronics technology) of two groups of physical team together, the first step is to separate the individual graphene plane. Heim and team members accidentally discovered a new method for preparation of graphene and a simple. They will graphite pieces were placed in plastic tape, on both sides of the folded tape stick graphite flakes, tear tape, sheet also subsequently split into two, repeating this process, you can get more and more thin graphite flakes, which part of the sample only by a layer of carbon atoms form -- they got graphene as a new generation of carbon nano materials, graphene has excellent physical and chemical properties, electronic, optical, magnetic, biomedicine, energy storage one of the most potential applications of advanced materials in the field. From 2004 in the laboratory has been found so far, graphene has received a wide range of attention and a steady stream of funding and research and development.

      In our country, the research progress of graphene materials is the highest in the world, and the governments at all levels have also given great support. In recent years in the field of flexible touch screen and composite materials, graphene incipient industrialization dawn, energy storage, sensors, chips and other electronic devices is the formation of a research hotspot. Graphene has a very attractive application prospect as a twenty-first Century "miracle material" that has only been in use for more than ten years. But the true realization of industrialization is still a long way to go, the preparation of graphene problem is blocking the realization of the potential value of the biggest stumbling block in graphene. Although the University of Manchester professors first extracted graphene, is directly from the graphite peeling, but this is unlikely to be used for large-scale industrial production. Graphene industry is still in infancy, there is no substantive research results. In fact, although many listed companies have set foot in the field of graphene, the current did not achieve mass production. And has repeatedly been used "speculation graphene battery", even being called a "palpable lies".

      Graphene is only in theory to improve the charge and discharge rate, and for the capacity (energy) to enhance the amount of basic without any help, the gimmick is far greater than the practical value. "And the high specific surface area of graphene material itself is not compatible with the current lithium-ion battery industry technology system, the application of hope is very slim. The development of a new type of graphene, which is widely used in low cost and mass production, needs to be developed.

      XXXX University Science and technology correspondent collaborative Hebei furan new material technology development company research and development of bio resin chemical doping of modified graphene new biological preparation. The product is to plant as raw material, production technology of unique materials and innovative, made of resin the pyrolysis method to a new biological modification of graphene. Is a very small number of methods to produce graphene in the world. Solved the problem of large scale production and batch application of graphene. High volume production of bio modified graphene cost is low, the use of more extensive.

      New biological change of graphene advantage obviously. It is composed of carbon atoms with a single atomic layer or a few atoms thick layer, two-dimensional hexagonal faceted multilayer structure not only has two-dimensional slice layer also has three-dimensional multilayer graphene material structure. Is also considered planar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons atom is the formation of SP2 hybridized carbon atoms and six sided polyhedral multilayer a layered crystal structure, in big category is not in rows, arranged into honeycomb two-dimensional and three-dimensional hexagonal section polyhedral multilayer surface non porous high surface quality three-dimensional network structure crystal body, pores hexagonal layer between hole about 1 3nm powder and 44 - 74um. A particle has a low density apparent density of about biological 0.26-0.7g/c modified graphene, the comprehensive performance of good.

      Is a kind of new structure of hexagonal polyhedron mesh carbon atom is high performance new materials, can adapt to 1000-3000 DEG C high temperature conditions, as a kind of with two-dimensional polycyclic polyatomic multilayer arrangement of honeycomb crystal three-dimensional network structure. As a new type of structure and functional material. It has high opening rate, light weight, high temperature resistance, thermal conductivity adjustable, low thermal expansion coefficient, corrosion resistance, easy processing and so on. Its specific heat conductivity is as high as 220 W / M / L / cm / g '3, is 8 times that of copper, aluminum 7 times. Is a good heat conduction and thermal protection function material. Is a kind of new material with high rigidity and light weight, and can be used in the manufacture of high power laser light.

      The product has excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance and high strength, excellent biocompatibility.

      Can be used in the manufacture of medical equipment, such as dental materials and heart pump parts and chemical micro electrode diameter in 1mm, such as disk like, cylindrical, cone special in medical clinical biological specimen, sample environment and thick liquid analysis.

      Can be used in all kinds of batteries (lithium batteries, lead batteries, carbon zinc batteries, fuel cells, heating batteries positive negative electrode collector and super capacitor. Double carbon battery positive and negative electrode collector super capacitor, the battery light weight than the traditional lead light dozens of times, charging only ten minutes, you can life on the one hundred kilometers. Has a wide range of application prospects. In fact, lithium ion battery charging and discharging speed is by lithium ion in the electrode of the transmission and deintercalation speed to decide, graphene has excellent electronic and ionic conductivity and special two-dimensional monatomic layer structure, the 3D electronic and ionic transport network structure between the particle electrode materials have been formed graphene materials if successful application in lithium ion battery, can greatly enhance lithium ion battery charging and discharging speed and achieve a significant breakthrough in battery technology, and will promote the new energy industry to achieve leap forward development.

      Technical index

      Project powder particles

      Appearance black powder black particles

      Layer 1-6 layer

      The fineness of powder particle size M um nm nano mesh (mesh) 100um100000nm 180 mesh layers according to the section size distinction can also be according to the mesh division

      44 micron --325 mesh 74 micron --200 mesh

      149 micron -100 mesh,

      Specific surface area 1500-2600 500-1200 m2/g

      Temperature resistant to 1000-3000 1000-3000

      Electrical resistivity and conductivity can reach S/m 10^6, the surface resistance of graphene is up to 31 ohm /sp electrical conductivity can reach S/m 10^6, the surface resistance of graphene can reach 31 /sp


      Can be used in the manufacture of medical equipment, such as dental materials and pacemaker parts and chemical micro electrode diameter in 1mm, such as disk like, cylindrical, cone special in medical clinical biological specimen, sample environment and thick liquid analysis.

      Widely used in all kinds of batteries (lithium batteries, lead batteries, carbon zinc batteries, fuel cells, heating batteries, flexible folding battery positive and negative electrode collector and super capacitor. Fin, heat exchanger, armor system sandwich composite, evaporator, catalytic converter, high temperature filter material, adsorption materials, heat resistant of concentrated acid and alkaline containers (nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, etc.), thermal conductive composite heat capacity heat absorption type heat protection of spacecraft thermal protection materials, sound-absorbing foam material, insulation material industry, carbon fiber enhanced thermoset and thermal plastic composite materials, carbon electrolytic plate, carbon thermal insulation board, high temperature vacuum equipment. Shielding material making radar electromagnetic shielding device, making stealth aircraft, high power laser light electronic telescope and thermal conductive composite insulation, thermal protection of the spacecraft, for conductive film, and may be used in the chip of new materials. One

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