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    2. Shijiazhuang Worldwide Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol and Furan Resin Co.,Ltd.
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      Carbon foam

      Carbon foamCarbon foamCarbon foamCarbon foam

      Alias: (biomass carbon foam, foam carbon)

      English Name: (foam Carbon, Tracker Carbon)

      (a) product overview:

      The product is a kind of new environmental protection carbon foam, is extracted from the plant straw is a new type of environmental protection with biological furan ring and heterocyclic furan resin. After heat treatment, 2100 DEG C high temperature carbonization and 3000 degrees of graphitization. The formation of the new structure of a pentagonal dodecahedron reticulate body carbon foam is a high performance new materials, can adapt to 38 DEG C high temperature conditions as carbon foam a has a three-dimensional network structure of porous carbon materials, has the advantages of low density, low thermal expansion coefficient, light (1 mg cm - 3) with high porosity, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, easy processing and other prominent characteristics.

      Carbon foam material with high thermal conductivity, high melting point and high specific heat capacity, which belongs to the endothermic thermal protection materials, can adapt to high temperature conditions, the thermal protection system can be used in spacecraft thermal protection materials. The spacecraft, by cooling and heat insulation measures, the wall temperature of space holder in the allowed range. The structure of the spacecraft. General thermal protection materials. By ablation layer. Bearing structure layer, insulating layer, the heat radiating layer. Because the thermal conductivity of honeycomb carbon foam material with high rate, high melting point and high specific heat and other characteristics, so when the outside temperature changes dramatically when the material can quickly absorb heat or heat, so as to ensure the the spacecraft working normally. The thermal protection system so it can be used in spacecraft. The thermal protection system of spacecraft thermal protection materials is biomass carbon specific.

      New environmentally friendly high-performance biomass carbon foam, after graphitization with high char yield, after graphitization and air after reduction catch carbon residue rate increases, carbon foam with its unique microstructure, high surface area, high porosity, easy dipping and electrolyte electrolyte to the electrode flow with double layer formation between electrolyte and electrode to make the electrode and the electrolyte. The full contact, reduces the ion diffusion distance and the diffusion resistance; while providing a three-dimensional conductive network structure, the electronic transmission rapidly across the electrodes. With good conductivity, electronic conductivity is higher than the metal oxide, excellent adsorption properties can be a lot of electrolyte Xichu widely used in battery, electrode, super capacitor, big power, fast charge and discharge, discharge times, long life time and long service life is long.

      (two) the characteristics are as follows:

      1, new environment-friendly high-performance biomass carbon foam, widely used in heat capacity materials, aviation, industrial adiabatic materials. Carbon foam has properties of graphite electrodes, used for intermediate sandwich layer, can be made into a hybrid structure, layered structure, gradient structure can also be alloy, high temperature heat insulation material, filter material, used to the heat radiating fins, heat exchanger, sandwich materials and evaporator equipment. Carbon composite materials, waste water treatment material,. As a kind of new material has broad application prospects. Thus can promote functional materials, biological medicine, aerospace and other disciplines development.

      2, composed of carbon foam current collector for battery positive plate and negative plate, light weight, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, has excellent electrochemical properties available for electric vehicles of the "super battery", the weight of the batteries lighter than conventional lead electric light dozens of times, charging only ten minutes, can be life of hundreds of kilometers. With wide application prospect.

      3, a new structure of Pentagon twelve surface net carbon foam is high performance new materials, can adapt to the high temperature condition of 3800 DEG, carbon foam as a porous carbon material with a three-dimensional network structure, has the advantages of low density, low thermal expansion coefficient, high porosity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy processing. The structure and function of carbon foam as a new material. It has high hole rate, light weight, high temperature resistance, adjustable thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, corrosion resistance. After graphitization of carbon graphite foam foam, the heat conduction rate as high as 220 W / M / L / g / cm "3, is 8 times that of copper, aluminum is 7 times. Good thermal protection materials. Good shielding performance is a new material with excellent EMI shielding materials, new optical platform is a kind of high stiffness and strong light, can be used for optical mirror, can produce high power laser light electronic telescope

      (three) new environmental protection high performance biomass carbon foam technology index

      Project powder particles

      Appearance black hole shaped powder black hole particle

      Aperture 0.1-0.3 < nm < 0.3-0.9

      Appearance area 0.2-2.0 m2/g 0.001

      Effective adsorption pore distribution of monodisperse type

      Vacuum resistance temperature 38003000

      Density 0.3-1.40 0.3--0.8 g/cm3

      (four) use:

      Super capacitor insulation foam is widely used in the radiator, heat exchanger, armor system sandwich composite, evaporator, catalytic converter, high temperature filter material, adsorption material, heat concentrated acid and alkaline containers (nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, etc.), the thermal conductivity of the composite specific heat thermal protection of spacecraft thermal protection material, sound absorption material, industrial adiabatic material, carbon fiber reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials, carbon electrolytic plate, carbon plate, high temperature vacuum equipment. Shielding materials to manufacture the radar electromagnetic shielding device, making stealth aircraft. High power laser light electronic telescope, insulation heat conductive composite material, spacecraft thermal protection, double carbon battery positive and negative electrode collector body.

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