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    2. Shijiazhuang Worldwide Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol and Furan Resin Co.,Ltd.
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      Glass carbon

      Glass carbonGlass carbonGlass carbon Glass carbon



      英文Glass carbon 玻璃碳

      Alias: (a new type of environmental protection, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon (Carbon polymeric)

      Glassy (carbon GC), English Name: Glass Carbon

      One, nature:

      Glass carbon (GC) is a new type of carbon materials (carbon structural materials like glass), is a kind of non crystalline carbon material, by pyrolysis of furan resin was prepared. High purity carbon. Carbon is called glass because of its port morphology and structure characteristics similar to glass, glass like carbon is of high hardness and permeability. Different structures of Yu Shimo glass carbon, it is amorphous carbon, while containing microcrystalline layer structure, but not in rows, but the formation of polymer structure section. The surface is non porous, but porosity exists between the six side section layer density is small, the basic structure is disordered crystallite size small, micro organization for non orientation. High resistance and excellent biocompatibility. PH is different, and the transparent glass carbon black carbon glass has the characteristics of common carbon materials, has high heat resistance, high temperature resistance 3800 Temperature, low density, superconductivity, high corrosion resistance and high thermal conductivity. But it is not generally a carbon material contact glue black toner can mirror polishing. Oxidation resistance properties of glass carbon than other carbon materials, from erosion of concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric acid oxidation in air. The weight loss is low. In addition, glass carbon also has high strength, hardness and elastic modulus, can be used in the manufacture of high-speed wheel typewriter and recording. Glass carbon has many advantages: about 1.3g/cm3 performance; permeability; low density, corrosion resistance and so on. American scientists have discovered a new form of carbon like furan resin carbon, atmospheric pressure, new forms of carbon can withstand 1 million 300 thousand times in one direction, atmospheric pressure can withstand 600 thousand times in the other direction. In addition to diamond, no other material can withstand such pressure, it shows that this kind of glass with carbon Allotropes really hard. However, with diamond and other forms of carbon crystals with different is, this new material of glass carbon is a kind of non crystalline material, non crystalline, the hardness of superhard carbon allotropes of all directions is the same, the advantage than diamond. Specification: fine powder particles size 10 - 20-4000 μmavailable:


      Two, use:

      Carbon glass has the advantages of low density, high temperature resistance of 3800 DEG C, penetration and other characteristics, widely used in chemical industry, metallurgical industry, electronics industry, biological engineering and other fields. The atmospheric pressure can withstand 1 million 300 thousand times the atmospheric pressure can withstand 600 thousand times in the other direction. For the manufacture of ultra high temperature micro glassy carbon electrode, used as a chemical the measurement electrode, its diameter is below 1mm, disc type, cylindrical, conical, used as a stoichiometric electrode used in measurement of trace components and various compounds coexisting clinical bio samples, analysis of environmental samples and thick liquid. It can be used for the medical equipment manufacture, such as tooth material and heart pacemakers can be used for thermal insulation material components. 3800 DEG C, and high heat protective clothing, special glass carbon ultra high temperature crucible, ultra high temperature beaker, ultra high temperature pipe, ultra high temperature casting mold, carbon crystal wall heating, the carbon crystal heating plate, ultra high temperature electric heater. The carbon fiber composite panel for computer touch screen mobile phone, used in the manufacture of high-speed wheel typewriter and recording.

      Three, technical indicators

      Index name GC 1 type GC 2

      Appearance black powder black powder nano type

      Density 1.3g/cm3, g/cm3 -

      Carbon content per 99.9 -

      Mohs hardness: (Diamond) the Mohs Mohs hardness: 10: > > 10

      High temperature resistant 1600-3800 1600-3800

      Specification: fine powder particles size 10 - 20-4000 M available:

      Four, resistant to chemicals and properties

      Degree of medium and high degree of corrosion resistance

      High concentrated sulphuric acid resistant 98% caustic soda

      High concentration hydrochloric acid resistant to toluene

      Sodium sulfate resistant to methanol

      20% acetic acid resistant to ammonium chloride

      68% nitrate resistant 40% sulfuric acid with 10% caustic soda alternating resistance

      5% chromate resistance resistance to hydrogen peroxide

      85% ammonium hydrogen phosphate

      Ammonium nitrate and sodium carbonate

      Ammonia urea,


      High concentrated hydrofluoric acid resistance of water resistance

      Gasoline resistance 60% sodium sulfide resistance

      Five, packaging, storage and protection: plastic barrel or bottle of 50-500 grams, placed in a cool dry place.

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