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    2. Shijiazhuang Worldwide Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol and Furan Resin Co.,Ltd.
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      F7New type of modified furan resin impregnated graphite

      F7New type of modified furan resin impregnated graphiteF7New type of modified furan resin impregnated graphiteF7New type of modified furan resin impregnated graphiteF7New type of modified furan resin impregnated graphiteF7New type of modified furan resin impregnated graphiteF7New type of modified furan resin impregnated graphiteF7New type of modified furan resin impregnated graphiteF7New type of modified furan resin impregnated graphite


      Dipping furan resin is a kind of reddish brown liquid, In the acid curing agent can curing at room temperature into insoluble non-fusible furan polymer, Solid content above 90% can high temperature resistant 450-500 degrees, High temperature resistance of carbon, 2100-2100 ℃. It has excellent acid-proof alkaline, high temperature resistant and good electrical insulation performance.

      Is impregnated graphite products, carbon fiber reinforced carbon matrix composites impregnated resin. Products made by carbon/carbon (C/C) composite material temperature is as high as 2100  above, the density than 2.0 g/cm3, strength is quintupling that of the high temperature alloy, is a kind of excellent light quality high temperature structural materials. Has become the field of aeronautics irreplaceable thermal structural material, is the rocket engine nozzle, missile nose cone, air brake vice. Light weight (only about a quarter of metal matrix) long life (5 ~ 7 times that of the metal base).

      Dipping furan resin, the furan resin is widely used for impregnating graphite, carbon fiber products, manufacturing FRP graphite, carbon fiber parts resistance to high temperature corrosion. Forming method is compression molding and hand lay-up. Made of glass fiber laminate material performance: Density 1.7, bibulous rate is 0.1%, tensile strength 208.74 MPa, bending 147 MPa,  compression strength  348.88 Mpa, impact strength is 186.2 kJ/m2, the dielectric constant of 7.9, volume resistivity 2 * 14 Ω 10 cm, dielectric loss tangent of 0.013, the breakdown voltage of 17.5 MV/m. A two-component (resin and curing agent)

      Index Name

      FA Type

      FA Type


      Black Brown Thick Liquid


      Tan Oily Liquid

      Viscosity (25)s



      Moisture Content, % 



      Curing Rate 30, h



      Ash, % 




      Use: . Is mainly used for impregnating graphite products, carbon fiber products, impregnation of porous material such as wood, graphite electrode, ceramic, asbestos, graphite carbon fiber glass cloth manufacturing glass fiber reinforced plastic, high temperature resistant anticorrosive parts to manufacture glass fiber reinforced plastic, laminate, acid-proof daub and corrosion resistance adhesive and electric insulation coatings. Laminated products can be used for chemical anti-corrosion pipeline, storage tank lining. Good abrasion resistance for aircraft brakes, brake pads, and refractory materials. Become the high strength after curing, excellent resistance to chemicals, plastics and high temperature resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic composite material, can be used to make liquid fuel rocket parts. Furan resin used for protective coating of modified epoxy resin can be used in ship propeller. Construction into concrete can improve the concrete strength and acid and alkali. But felt granite brick, tile, graphite, etc., acid and alkali resistant floor laid, open drains, sewers, accompanying chemical equipment inside.

      Matching: two-component: resin and curing agent. Proportion: resin 100 and curing agent 2-15. first resin into the container in stir slowly drops of reinforcement. According to the curing time for the amount of the curing agent of god

      Shijiazhuang Worldwide Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol Furan Resin Co., Ltd.

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