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    2. Shijiazhuang Worldwide Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol and Furan Resin Co.,Ltd.
      TEL:+86 0311-86683938 85373395
      FAX:+86 0311-86682938
      WEB: http://m.calinpupazacoaching.com


      F14 Furfural acetone Resin

      F14. Furfural acetone Resin

      F14 Furfural acetone ResinF14 Furfural acetone ResinF14 Furfural acetone ResinF14 Furfural acetone ResinF14 Furfural acetone ResinF14 Furfural acetone Resin

       Another Name: Furfural Acetone Resin; Furan Resin Physicochemical properties: Acetone-Furfural Resin is brown thick liquid. With the existence of benzene sulfonic acid, p-chlorobenzene sulfonic acid and other curing agents, it can be solidified into thermosetting, insoluble and infusible furan polymer which can resist the heat of 450-500. It has excellent acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance and electroinsulating properties. The properties of glass fiber laminated plates made through molding: relative density 1.7, water absorption 0.1%, Martin heat resistance temperature300, tensile strength 208.74MPa, bending strength 147MPa, compression strength 348.88MPa, impulse strength 186.2kJ/m2, dielectric constant 7.9, volume resistivity2*1014Ω·cm, dielectric loss angle tangent 0.013, breakdown voltage 17.5MV/m.

        Quality Standard

      Index Name

      FA Type

      FA Type


      Black Brown Thick Liquid

      Black Brown Thick liquid 

      Viscosity (25)s



      Moisture Content, % 



      Curing Rate , h



      Ash, % 



      Forming process: Acetone-Furfural Resin is mainly used to manufacture the glass fiber reinforced plastic. Its forming methods include molding, hand-molding, winding, etc.

      Usage: it can be used to manufacture the glass fiber reinforced plastic, laminated plates, acid-resistant adhesive mortar and anti-corrosion adhesive as well as insulating coating of electrical appliance. Laminates can be used for chemical anti-corrosion pipe lines and lining of storage tanks. With excellent abrasive resistance, it can be used for the brake-block of the airplane and automobile as well as adhesive of refractory materials.

      Acetone-Furfural Resin is used to modify epoxy resin and can be applied to the protective coating of propellers of vessels. In the construction, if it is added to the concrete, the strength and resistance to acid and alkali of the concrete will be improved. It can be used to bind the granite, ceramic tiles, graphite brick, etc., lay acid and alkali-resistant floor, open trench, water drain, and line the inner wall of chemical equipment.

      Package, storage and protection: it is packed in iron or plastic drum (30-230 kilograms/drum). It

      shall be sheltered from sunlight and be stored in a shady, cool and dry place.




      Shijiazhuang Worldwide Furfural and Furfuryl ALcohol Co.,LTd.

      Plant add:Notth Industry In Wuji County area, Shijiazhuang City , China 

      TEL:0086 311 8668 3938

      e-mail: furanss@163.com