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    2. Shijiazhuang Worldwide Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol and Furan Resin Co.,Ltd.
      TEL:+86 0311-86683938 85373395
      FAX:+86 0311-86682938
      WEB: http://m.calinpupazacoaching.com


      Epoxy Furan Resin

      Epoxy Furan Resin Epoxy Furan Resin Epoxy Furan Resin Epoxy Furan Resin Epoxy Furan Resin
      Epoxy Furan Resin

      Physical-Chemical Property

      This kind of resin has overcome defect of furan resin such as higher brittleness and bad adhesive property. Reinforced plastic made of this kind of resin provides higher mechanical strength, and its water resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulation property is excellent.


      Epoxy furan resin can be used to produce waterproof and corrosion proof fiberglass reinforced plastics, adhesive agent, acid-resistant adhesive mortar, dope etc. It is extensively applied in aspect of radio facilities, insulating material and chemical corrosion protection etc.

      It is a kind of reactive epoxy furan resin, and the product includes two components i.e. resin and curing agent. The resin is improved based on typical epoxy/furan resin (70/30), and it is not a simple physical mixture of epoxy and furan resin. The curing agent is optimized and specially processed. When two components are mixed, several kinds of ingredient participate cross-linking reaction. The proportion of two compositions is 100:20.

      Technical indicator

      (Resin component)

        Appearance:              Reddish brown viscous liquid

         Relative density(20℃):    1.10~1.12

         Viscosity (mPa.s,25℃):         30~150

      (Curing agent component)

        Appearance:                       Light yellow or reddish brown liquid.

        Relative density(20℃):      1.05~1.06

        Amine value(mgKOH/g)   500~600

        Viscosity (mPa.s,25℃):          20~150

      Feature and use

      Epoxy furan resin has combined advantages of epoxy resin and furan resin, such as excellent acid-resistance and alkali-resistance. Its temperature resistance is higher than that of epoxy resin, and brittleness of epoxy and furan is improved. The product viscosity is low, and its penetrability is strong. It provides quicker curing speed compared with self-proportioned material, and the settability of moist side is improved. The product is factory produced, and two-composition supplied. With simplified proportioning, it provides convenient operation and engineering quality is ensured.
      It can be used to produce dope applied as corrosion protection of equipment inner wall or concrete surface. It can also be used to produce resin adhesive mortar and mortar applied in corrosion proof terrace, liner of brick and plate etc. to be used in acid-alkali alternate occasion.

      Under atmospheric temperature, it can be solidified and used. If condition is available, application of thermal treatment(80℃-120℃) will provide better effect. The maximum application temperature of epoxy furan resin is 120℃.

      Epoxy Furan Resin

      Storage and package

      The storage duration is two years. Beyond two years of storage, it still may be used provided that viscosity is not obviously changed. It shall be stored in a cool place, and contact with open flame is forbidden.

      25Kg plastic bag.