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    2. Shijiazhuang Worldwide Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol and Furan Resin Co.,Ltd.
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      Furan Resin(Casting Export Grade0

      Furan Resin(Casting Export Grade0 Furan Resin(Casting Export Grade0Furan Resin(Casting Export Grade0Furan Resin(Casting Export Grade0Furan Resin(Casting Export Grade0 Furan Resin(Casting Export Grade0

       Casting self-hardening furan resin is a kind of amber or brown transparent viscous liquid. This series of product is a new type of casting self-hardening adhesive agent belonging to furan type with complete variety. Adopting advanced synthesis process, the product offers advantages such as high intensity, low viscosity, less odor and good humidity resistance etc., and it is suitable for cast of different kinds of cast steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metal casting.

      Furan Resin(Casting Export Grade0

      1 Brief introduction

         FFD-1 self-hardening furan resin is a kind of casting resin solidified under atmospheric temperature, it is solidified and popped out by adding benzene sulfonic acid or toluene sulfonic acid catalytic agent.


      2 Operation guide

         1.Proportion of resin and sand

          SandResincontaining silicane):Curing agent=100:(1.2-3.0):(0.6-1.5

        2. Method of sand mulling

      Add curing agent into sand firstly, perform sand mulling 10-30 seconds with high-speed sand muller or perform sand mulling 30-60 seconds with low-speed sand muller. The second step is to add resin and mix it uniformly 30-60 seconds.  When sand mulling is finished, molding and its filling shall be prepared immediately. Long time sand mulling and storage is forbidden.


      3 Precautions

       1 It is forbidden to directly mix resin with curing agent, otherwise accident may be caused due to fast reaction.

       2.Long time sand mulling shall be avoided, otherwise its service time is exceeded and the intensity is decreased.

       3. Curing agent is a kind of acidic material, its splashing onto skin or apparel shall be avoided. If curing agent splashes onto skin, immediate clean water rinsing shall be applied, and the serious case must be treated in hospital.

      4. Do not deposit resin directly under sunshine or near heat source, otherwise its storage duration will be shortened.