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    2. Shijiazhuang Worldwide Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol and Furan Resin Co.,Ltd.
      TEL:+86 0311-86683938 85373395
      FAX:+86 0311-86682938
      WEB: http://m.calinpupazacoaching.com


      Anticorrosive furan resin

      Anticorrosive Furan Resin

      The product was developed by Architecture Institute of Metallurgy Ministry who refer to the similar product of West Germany and passed the technology appraisal of Metallurgy Ministry. It is furfuralcohol-furfural furan resin with low viscosity,high adherence strength, good heat resistant and good anticorrosive in all organic solvents.It is an ideal adhesive because of its acid resistant and alkali resistant to be used on some occasions where can't use epoxy resin,phenolic resin and unsaturated polyester resin.(to produce glass fibre reinforced plastic when mixed with the powder of glass fibre reinforced plastic, to produce clay when mixed with clay powder,to produce mortar when mixed with mortar powder). The product shows good resistant to most of acid and alkali and can be used under the temperature of about 220 Anticorrosive furan resin.

          furan resin belongs to furfuralcohol-furfural resin with low viscosity,excellent resistant to acid,alkali and solution,high adherence strength and good heat resistant.

      Anticorrosive furan resin